From the piste to the forging hammer: the excellence in quality of fencing blades from Franchini Blades is a result of the combination of the experience of multiple-times champion Alberto Franchini, together with his technical expertise harnessed in the family-owned mechanical-steel forging company - Franchini Acciai Spa.

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Perfectly balanced and made of Maraging steel, fencing blades from Franchini Blades are hand-finished and available in regulatory sizes: 85-, 88- and 90 blades.

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Fully customisable, fencing blades from Franchini Blades meet the requirements of excellence of the various associations of Fencing Salles. Visit our e-commerce tab.

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Explore our blades. Tenacity, flexibility and precision!

An age-old discipline

From the early beginnings of ‘hits’ to the electric jacket, fencing is a sword-fighting art that remains timeless. The advent of the use of firearms on the battlefields, shifted the use of “cold-steel” weapons to the sporting arena; thereby crossing over from an offensive- to a more defensive function - that of protecting and shielding oneself from the opponent - as described in the origins of the terminology “fencing”.


Franchini Blades was born to supply high-quality blades to fencers, achievable only through a deep understanding of the fencing athletes’ needs. Franchini Blades is the perfect blend of Alberto Franchini’s 20-years of sporting experience, and his technical expertise gained in the family-owned mechanical-steel forging company, Franchini Acciai Spa.


Franchini Blades are made of Maraging steel – a metal alloy of Iron, Nickel and Cobalt that provides exceptional hardness with superb flexibility. Through the process of hammer-forging the blades reach a quality of excellence that makes them simultaneously resilient and flexible.


Finished by hand, our blades obtain perfect balance, achieved through strict manufacturing- and internal quality control processes that meet the most stringent standards of the Federation Internationale D'Escrime (FIE), through the use of uniformly homologated machinery.

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