Fioretto Jewelry

Jewel-piece finely crafted in yellow gold and diamonds, designed and created by Attilio Calatroni for Alberto Franchini.

Crafted in 17,40 grams of gold with diamonds totalling 3,24 ct.

  • Guard set with 252 white diamonds (2,21 ct)
  • Nut set with 56 white diamonds (0,30 ct)
  • Grip set with 160 black diamonds (0,73 ct)

Diamonds are Brilliant-cut and “G” color. This jewel piece can be disassembled into 4 sections: blade, guard, grip and nut. Available in various designs: foil, epee and sabre.

Price on application


Designed and created by Attilio Calatroni - not only a master in fencing, but also a master goldsmith with 35 years industry experience - and in collaboration with the world’s greatest goldsmiths and diamond setters from Valenza Pò, a world-renowned birthplace of jewelry design.

Adorned with brilliant-cut "G" colored diamonds that make each piece a unique jewel of great esteem, also due to the complexity of the setting. A jewel for the most refined connoisseurs of creativity, harmony and above all, of beauty.

The experience

Let yourself be guided by the experience of multi-times Italian- and European champion Alberto Franchini. Franchini Blades encompass Alberto’s experience learned on the piste, and with his expertise gained in the family-owned company - Franchini Acciai Spa, which since 1968, has been consistently mastering the art of steel forging.

The forging

Franchini Blades foil, epee and sabers are hammer-forged through a highly-intensive manual and qualitative process that, with the use of Maraging Steel, allows us to create resilient and flexible sporting blades… resulting in a blade with enhanced durability and precision; ultimate qualities that future fencing champions won’t want to overlook.

The tradition

The perfect equilibrium and balancing of our sporting blades is the result of a proud tradition in fencing that is being renewed in Brescia, historically world-famous in the forging of fencing blades.

The quality

The complex and lengthy production phases required to achieve the sought-after levels of excellence:  Each foil, epee and saber from Franchini Blades tells their own story.  Hand-finished, our sports blades are put through rigorous control tests that are regulated by the international body of materials accreditation of the various federations in every country and including of course, the FIE.  We use uniformly homologated machinery for our testing procedures.