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This is a return to the tradition of hand-forged blades.

Foil, epee and sabers:  fencing blades by Franchini Blades are produced via sophisticated methods that focus on excellence, including the relentless pursuit of perfection.
Available in three regulatory sizes:  85, 88 and 90 - blades by Franchini Blades are born from the combination of fencing- and professional experience of Alberto Franchini, and provide the ideal solution to any athlete wishing to customise their personal fencing blade, or for the Fencing Salle wanting to equip their athletes with durable, resistant and precision equipment; a blade that encompasses the expertise gained by a multi-times Italian and European champion in the family-owned mechanical-steel forging company - Franchini Acciai Spa.

Maraging Steel, a combination of special metal alloys of Iron, Nickel and Cobalt (providing the required characteristics of enhanced flexibility and durability) are hammer-forged, and this process guarantees blades with a superior internal structure not achievable through any other manufacturing process.
To obtain this excellence, each fencing blade undergoes a long and complex production process: the hand-finishing process includes internal quality control procedures, which in themselves already meet the stringent standards of the FIE (Federation Internationale D’Escrime), all possible through the use of uniformly homologated machinery.

The experience

Let yourself be guided by the experience of multi-times Italian- and European champion Alberto Franchini. Franchini Blades encompass Alberto’s experience learned on the piste, and with his expertise gained in the family-owned company - Franchini Acciai Spa, which since 1968, has been consistently mastering the art of steel forging.

The forging

Franchini Blades foil, epee and sabers are hammer-forged through a highly-intensive manual and qualitative process that, with the use of Maraging Steel, allows us to create resilient and flexible sporting blades… resulting in a blade with enhanced durability and precision; ultimate qualities that future fencing champions won’t want to overlook.

The tradition

The perfect equilibrium and balancing of our sporting blades is the result of a proud tradition in fencing that is being renewed in Brescia, historically world-famous in the forging of fencing blades.

The quality

The complex and lengthy production phases required to achieve the sought-after levels of excellence:  Each foil, epee and saber from Franchini Blades tells their own story.  Hand-finished, our sports blades are put through rigorous control tests that are regulated by the international body of materials accreditation of the various federations in every country and including of course, the FIE.  We use uniformly homologated machinery for our testing procedures.