Guided by the expertise gained in a family-owned company Franchini Acciai Spa and fencing experience as a multiple-time European and Italian champion, Alberto Franchini manufactures the highest quality Italian fencing equipment. To achieve excellence and high quality, every foil, epee, and saber blade goes through long and complex manufacturing cycles. Thanks to the chemical composition of maraging steel and hand forging, Alberto Franchini fencing blades preserving incredible impact strength, flexibility, and toughness.

A rigorous manufacturing process and quality control on every step of production guarantee the highest quality of our fencing blades. The quality, stiffness, and weight of every blade are controlled manually. Thanks to the sensitivity of the operators' hands, we are able to give different properties to the blades, not only aesthetically but also at the performance level. Alberto Franchini blades are hand-crafted to the needs of our athletes.